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Guitar repairs and Services

Below you will see a price list of the most common guitar repairs, set up and service requests. For anything else please do get in contact.

A set up is a service performed on an instrument to improve its playability, achieve a true tuning and provide overall maintenance of your instrument. Wood, being a natural material is prone to moving and warping ever so slightly due to temperature, humidity and sometimes high string tensions on the neck pulling over time. This can lead to the strings being too high or low over the fingerboard, leading to either uncomfortable playing or fret buzz. Here is what a set up will include:

Guitar repairs
  • Checking the electronics, cleaning and servicing various components where required.
  • Adjusting to correct string heights along the neck.
  • Resetting truss rod position and adjusting bridge saddles.
  • Overall polish of frets and guitar body.
  • Finish as well as oiling and lubrication of fingerboard.
  • Restringing.
  • Adjusting intonation for true tuning.

As all guitars vary in quality and age, the set up may not be able to be completed without some additional guitar repairs. Most commonly this will be electronic components that have failed or fret levelling and crowning. You will be contacted before any additional work is carried out and a price agreed.

Set up prices are as follows:

  • Electric guitar – £40
  • Electric guitar (with floating bridge/locking tremolo etc.) £55
  • Bass guitar – £45
  • Acoustic guitar – £40
  • Fret level, crowning and redressing – £60
  • Complete refret – £120
  • Nut replacement – £40 +price of nut. Please note that the nut replacement does not include setting up the guitar. Replacing a nut will usually mean a set up is needed afterwards to ensure correct string height at the nut, which is not included in the price. Nuts can be a variety of materials from plastic, bone or tusq and can be hand cut to fit any spec guitar. Please get in contact to discuss these options.

Please contact us for a quote as the problem could vary from a simple pot replacement, to requiring a diagnosis to find the problem.

We provide body work such as refinishing and body repairs. We can also provide carbon fibre wrapping and resin casting to give your guitar a vibrant new look. All finishing work is performed in house in our spray booth. The turn around for finish work can vary depending on the commissioned work. Correct preparation, painting, sanding and buffing can take up to a couple of months as some paints and lacquers can take a month to cure properly.

Contact us for more accurate pricing and information.