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Sempiternal Telecaster

Sempiternal Guitar’s latest Telecaster build. This gorgeous offset Telecaster style guitar is built with a Zebrano body, Padauk fingerboard and a 3 piece neck made of Zebrano and Castilo.

This guitar comes with free shipping and ships in a hardcase.


The majority of this guitar is made from zebrano wood, which It is a very dense and stable wood perfect for building guitars. The neck is built from 3 separate quarter sawn pieces of zebrano and castilo carefully jointed together. This provides a massive amount of stability to the neck as the wood is far less likely to bend and warp.


Our take on the popular Telecaster design is one with comfort and playability in mind. The offset shape is better balanced and sits in your lap much more comfortably. The back of the neck pocket is also rounded and bevelled to help match the heel of the neck, as well as a deep cut away in the lower horn of the body. This makes placing your hand further up the neck to hit the high frets much easier.

The slim line neck also offers much greater playability – measuring only 20mm thick at the first fret through to 22mm past the 12th fret with a D shape profile. The satin silk oil finish of the neck allows for gracefully sliding up and down without feeling like your fretting hand is sticking to a waxy gloss finish.

Full construction specs

Construction: bolt on

Scale length: 25.5″

Fingerboard radius: 14″

Inlay: gun metal grey inlay powder

Thickness at 1st fret: 20mm

Thickness past 12th fret: 22mm

Nut: graphtech tusq

Tuners: Gotoh 16:1 locking tuners

Bridge: ABM 3D Bell brass string through body style

Pickups: EMG MF humbucker pair wired to one volume, one tone and a 3 way selector switch